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          President speech


          • Life is a navigatisn
          • Starting enteprise is a challenge
          • Seek for our idea
          • Loyal to our task
          • We are expecting
          • While “Dingye” developing
          • Cooperating with faithful friends
          • Open up a road to bright
          • While prospering the nationl industry
          • Creat a enteprrse brand
          • Grieve deep footprints of
          • Hard-working persons....
            Chairman and General Manager

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          Adhere to scientific management and establish the concept of quality management focusing on customers, so that our quality policy and quality objectives can be implemented and improved continuously and effectively.


          Jiangsu Dingye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Seeking for reality to build the Guanlong brand, adopting leading technology to lead the rapid development of Dingye.

          Quality Inspection

          Our company has strong technical strength, well-equipped personnel, complete utilities, such as water, electricity, steam and cold, and has complete testing means.


          Quality InspectionQuality InspectionQuality InspectionQuality InspectionQuality InspectionQuality Inspection


          All employees of Jiangsu Dingye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. invite customers from home and abroad to come and guide us!

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          Tel: +86-515-87666666 , 87666388
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